In Toronto’s vast commercial real estate landscape, veteran investors have the opportunity to leverage assets in their portfolio to ascend the property ladder. 

For landlords of smaller-scale multifamily buildings, selling your property in order to purchase something more substantial can be an effective method of amplifying your cash flow and appreciation long term. 

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Upsizing Assets & Ventures 

As an established landlord you already have one major advantage: equity. Regardless of the scale, age, or existing cash flow of your multifamily property, you’re currently holding onto an extremely valuable high-demand asset – especially in Toronto where the commercial investment market is active and competitive. 

Leveraging the returns from your existing property, you’ll have an elevated financial foundation for securing something with heightened wealth-building potential. 

By upscaling your income and appreciation, you’ll gain the opportunity to build more wealth in the future than you would with your existing property. Depending on your aspirations, upsizing could entail a larger building with more units, a newer turn-key property with top-of-market rent potential, or a different category of commercial real estate altogether.

End-to-End Advisory

While a lucrative endeavour, upsizing a major income asset is no small task. Within the sale of your existing property and the process of identifying and sourcing your next one, there are endless complexities to navigate and even seemingly microscopic details can drastically impact how you’re able to reach your goals. 

Like any strategic investment, the best way to amplify your gains is by partnering with a commercial real estate specialist. With built-in proficiency in Toronto’s intricate commercial market, they’ll analyze your individual goals and market position to create a strategic, results-focused roadmap for your upsize. Beyond the transaction, your commercial Realtor can also be a lifelong confidant and adviser who’s just as invested in your success as you.  

This niche expertise is particularly critical as you climb the commercial real estate ladder. While a residential agent may be familiar with some introductory ventures such as single-family homes or condos, larger multiunit commercial properties are in a space of their own

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Optimizing Returns

While you may have a separate reserve that you can tap into, maximizing the returns from the sale of your existing income property is a critical stepping stone in elevating the scale of your next venture. In a constantly evolving commercial real estate landscape, securing a lucrative return requires full-scope market analysis, up-to-the-minute data, and strategic value-adding tactics. 

At InTrust, our approach to selling encompasses these factors and more. Following our Financial Market Analysis, our intelligent underwriting services present your asset at its highest potential, boosting value where possible. Next, we incorporate high-reach marketing methods to get the right eyes on your listing. When the offers start rolling in, our business-savvy negotiation tactics ensure you land a favourable deal that leaves no money on the table.  

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Sophisticated Acquisition

For investment-savvy landlords, sourcing and acquiring the right asset is far more intricate than simply picking a property from the marketplace. At the end of the day, upsizing your multifamily property is ultimately about elevating your earnings and market position. Even if a property has more units or square footage than what is currently in your portfolio, it may not automatically be a more profitable investment. 

At InTrust, we excel at identifying unique, high-potential opportunities that other agents fail to notice. We’ll pour over the details to ensure we find a lucrative property that’s perfectly suited to your goals. After determining the idyllic asset for your next venture, we’re able to leverage our industry presence, relationships, and industry knowledge to negotiate a favourable price. 

Our meticulous approach to research and underwriting helps you identify every opportunity to lower operating expenses and increase your income potential. Before and after the deal is closed, we’ll leave no stone unturned in helping you elevate your recurring cash flow and long-term appreciation.

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