Book A Property Evaluation

Commercial real estate is not residential real estate. If you’re planning to list your property, you need the support of an industry expert to ensure you receive the full value from your investment. That starts with an accurate property evaluation.

We thoroughly underwrite your asset to identify opportunities to increase income potential, as well as other avenues of possibility to generate wealth. We’ll:

  • Complete a highest and best-use analysis to figure out if the property should stay as income property or be torn down and turned into a development site
  • Thoroughly analyze the income and expenses while simultaneously investigating zoning and the city official plan to determine the smartest path forward
  • Provide comparable neighbourhood sale stats and lease stats to understand income potential from each option
  • Explore all options to empower your market position, i.e.: sell, stabilize to sell, lease, leave the property vacant, etc.

And we make sure you understand every step in our process so you turn into an educated, savvy commercial property owner. With an extremely analytical and strategic approach, we advise you on how to get the full value from your property with hands-on guidance.