Axel Rasmussen

“We listed our nine-unit residential property with Intrust. The experience was next-level. The elapsed time from our first conversation to closing was less than 75 days. Our property had its challenges, but Josef and his team were creative and flexible in their approach. Their attention to detail and level of professionalism was second to none.”

Danica & Stephen

“We owned a property with many challenges, making it difficult to market. Josef understood our concerns and worked with those challenges, absent of any pressure to compromise on our requirements. Josef was assuring and confident of the value and potential in the property, and helped bring the sale to a satisfactory closing. We were very happy with his efforts.”

Helen Hegedus

“Josef managed each step of the process from determining a price, preparing the marketing campaign, finding prospects, showing the property, and helping with closing in a professional and timely manner.”

Looking at the residential market isn’t going to help you accurately determine the outcome of the sale of your asset. Analyzing the commercial market and uncovering the income potential associated with your property is what will give you a precise understanding of your options. We’ll help you do that with ease.

  • Capital gains and strategies for deferment 
  • Holistic financial advice about your asset, equity, and how to reinvest 
  • The most optimal investment opportunities that are less management-intensive
  • Property development potential
  • How to yield a higher sale price by increasing income potential 

Whether you’re selling to retire or you’re selling an inherited asset, we’ll explain the options available to you after the sale, based on your unique situation and market position to facilitate a smooth transition into your next venture or life stage. If you’re an active investor, our team will help you determine the smartest options for growing your portfolio or upgrading your assets.

Education In Equity, And Professional Underwriting

You’ll receive a market education when we partner to list your property. We’ll present you with a Financial Market Analysis—an education piece that breaks down commercial sales in the neighbourhood, and explains what those values are based on, and what the lease rates are for those properties—in order to build an accurate picture of your market position. 

We’ll also maximize your returns by providing institutional-quality underwriting services. This means conducting a systematic audit of the income and expenses of the property to uncover added value and, clearly and convincingly communicating the income potential to buyers.

“Our mission isn’t to accumulate as many listings as possible, but rather to educate as many property owners as possible. Providing value through education via a Financial Market Analysis is our goal as commercial real estate investment specialists.”

Broadcasting Your Building

We’re not simply going to post your property on the MLS and hope for the best. We tap into our database of thousands of purchase-ready buyers, and communicate with them daily to promote your listing within our robust network. We also execute sharp marketing strategies proven to attract high-quality, serious buyers and encourage lucrative offers.

This includes:

  • Compiling an Investment Offering Memorandum to showcase your property and highlight the features and investment potential
  • Informative listing videos, premium drone videos, immersive photography, detailed floor plans, and virtual tours
  • Social media marketing across Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube
  • Active outbound campaigns to our buyer and broker list via direct phone calls and email correspondence 
  • Strategic email campaigns to prospective buyers and known investment professionals, with data tracking to monitor engagement (opens and clicks)
  • Strategic property tours 
  • In-person meetings with high-probability buyers
  • Weekly marketing reports with buyer and agent feedback

Paul V.B.

“Josef and his team assisted in selling my 6-plex. He provided a great market assessment and strategy to get the building sold. He communicated with me regularly throughout the listing and provided good advice. He was particularly strong and level-headed during the negotiating process for sale.”

InTrust Industry Advantage

Our holistic advisory services give you a unique competitive advantage because we implement unconventional strategies and have access to systems and tools that most agents don’t—which means we have insider knowledge you need to exceed your investment goals. This includes:

  • Access to—and professional understanding of—the Toronto Official Plan, city zoning, and development applications in the area (which we regularly track)
  • Various subscriptions to external data resources that provide us with exclusive market information not available to other agents
  • Cooperating with other commercial realtors to access as many buyers as possible. Many realtors will forgo this practice to maximize their own profits, but we value your best interests over our bottom line. Working with other agents means accessing multiple pools of buyers, which will ultimately increase your potential ROI
  • Consistently investing in the latest, cutting-edge industry technology

Our firm delivers institutional-quality real estate investment services through our professional, highly-trained group of industry experts and support team—while establishing meaningful relationships with each and every client. Equipped with these skills, strategies, insight, and access, we’re able to ensure you access the full value from your commercial property sale.