Over the past decade, changes in consumer habits along with broader economic factors have shaped new growth and evolution across Toronto’s commercial real estate market.

Perhaps most notably, the continued rise of online commerce has created an elevated need for industrial infrastructure across the GTA – with warehouses, distribution centres, assembly plants, and other properties in higher demand than ever. As a result of this increased demand, industrial investors are seeing healthy returns on the sale of their properties. In some areas, the market value of industrial properties has nearly quadrupled in recent years. 

Reflective of commercial real estate as a whole, industrial properties are specialized in nature. Despite this rising demand, maximizing the ROI of your industrial property sale will require reaching the right buyer audience. Therefore, a targeted, data-driven marketing plan is the most effective way to advertise your property in a way that attracts high-quality offers.

A powerhouse in Toronto commercial real estate, here’s a look at some of our team’s institutional-quality marketing strategies for industrial property listings.  

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Highest and Best-Use Analysis

Our firm’s approach to selling commercial real estate is strategic and analytical. Like any of our listings, determining how to most effectively market your industrial property begins with establishing its highest and best use. 

A highest and best-use analysis allows us to uncover your property’s full potential and highlight key areas of opportunity to potential buyers. Rather than outsource this important process, our in-depth analyses are performed in-house at no additional cost to our clients. We do our due diligence to determine which opportunities are legally permissible, physically possible, maximally productive, and financially feasible for potential buyers and investors.

Once we ascertain the highest and best use for your industrial property, our team can create a clear framework for your sale. 

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How We Market Your Property

Our sharp marketing methods attract high-quality, serious buyers and encourage lucrative offers. Here’s a look at some of our strategic tactics. 

Investment Offering Memorandum

First, we create a custom Investment Offering Memorandum (IOM) for your property. The IOM provides investors with an in-depth analysis of your property’s distinct features and investment potential. Covering a variety of key details such as location, rent roll, immediate tenant suitability, opportunities for future upgrades, and a financial breakdown, our IOMs clearly and convincingly communicate the full potential of your industrial property to prospective buyers. 

Premier Visuals

Successfully capturing the eye of prospective buyers requires professionally-shot visual assets. In today’s market, a significant portion of potential investors will first discover your property through our marketing materials. Our high-quality visuals make an exceptional first impression and set the groundwork for motivated offers. 

To best present your property, InTrust incorporates 

  • Immersive Photography 
  • Stunning Indoor Video 
  • Drone & Aerial Video
  • Virtual Property Tours 
  • Floor Plans
  • And more

High-Exposure Digital Marketing 

After capturing high-quality visual assets, we incorporate a variety of strategic digital marketing methods to get your industrial property in front of buyers. Beginning with social media, we create compelling campaigns that highlight your property’s unique strengths and features. 

Next, we utilize active outbound campaigns to our buyer and broker list. During this step, we correspond both digitally and directly with a multitude of purchase-ready buyers. To further amplify our promotion of your property, we run targeted email campaigns that capture prospective buyers and known investment professionals. These email campaigns are backed by data and consistently monitored for optimal results. 

Selling Your Commercial Property 

If you’re looking to sell your industrial property for the highest possible return, InTrust Commercial Real Estate is your team. Myself, along with our highly-knowledgeable agents, will guide you through the listing process and facilitate a smooth transition into your next venture or life stage. 

As your personal investment advisors, we provide you with an in-depth, market-informed education about your asset(s), equity, and how to reinvest. After your sale, we’ll help you navigate the capital gains and taxation process, incorporating unique strategies for deferment to ensure you maximize your return. 

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