Due diligence is an essential process in any commercial real estate transaction. Entailing a comprehensive investigation and analysis of a property’s financial, legal, and physical condition – along with an assessment of the vendor, this step is vital in ensuring your investment is sound. 

Although due diligence is a routine and regularly occurring process, it requires precise expertise and unwavering attention to detail. That’s why you’ll want to have a professional expert by your side. 

Even veteran investors who have navigated this process before should work with a specialized, full-time commercial real estate professional. Here’s why. 

Commercial Real Estate Variables 

Whether it’s the trends and conditions of the market or the properties themselves, commercial real estate is far from static. At a glance, the due diligence process entails a vast range of tasks, reviews, inspections, surveys, and other items. However, given the dynamic nature of our business, there is simply no universal checklist that an individual investor can follow to perform these steps completely and properly. 

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The Expert Advantage 

Even if you have a few successful ventures under your belt, having an expert in your corner can optimize the outcome of your next investment. While you may be somewhat familiar with the due diligence process, it’s best to partner with someone who lives and breathes it – like a commercial real estate agent. 

One of the defining factors of Toronto’s commercial real estate landscape is diversity. In our market, not two properties are identical. If you’re actively expanding your portfolio, you may consider venturing into other property types. While you may not be completely familiar with all classes of commercial real estate, a professional agent will. 

Empowering Your Investment 

It’s important to remember that while an agent can provide valuable guidance (along with other services to facilitate your transaction), the ball will always be in your court when it comes to making decisions. 

As agents, it’s our priority to perform deep, highly analytical assessments of any opportunities that solicit your interest. With years of experience in commercial real estate, we excel at pouring over the details – ensuring nothing is missed or overlooked. In addition to identifying potential risks or red flags, our institutional approach to underwriting can uncover new opportunities for maximizing income potential. 

With the results of our analysis in hand, you will have the facts and figures necessary to make assured decisions. 

Our Approach

As Toronto’s leading commercial real estate team and seasoned investors ourselves, we leverage our specialized expertise to provide comprehensive guidance for buyers. 

When I’m analyzing an investment opportunity on behalf of a client, I spend the majority of my time in the property basement. Generally speaking, it doesn’t matter what type of building it is. By heading underground, we’ll get a clearer picture of the property’s true condition. 

After our analysis, we pass along crucial insights to the client – empowering you to make a confident and educated decision. 

Want to dive deeper into our approach to due diligence? Watch the video below. 

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Securing Your Lucrative Investment Property

InTrust Commercial Real Estate provides comprehensive, institutional-quality advisory services to support your purchase. 

Our approach to due diligence is meticulous, highly detailed, and backed by years of experience. Leaving no stone unturned, our findings in tandem with our superior industry knowledge allow you to make informed decisions regarding your investment. 

That said, due diligence is just one critical detail in a commercial real estate transaction. That’s why our industry-leading support is end-to-end. In addition to our due diligence assessment of the property, we’ll make strategic calculations to ensure your investment is as lucrative as possible.

As part of our elite underwriting services, dive deep into the property specifics, operating expenses, income potential and external market trends to uncover added value down to the last cent. 

Searching for a strategic, low-risk investment opportunity? I and the InTrust team can help you find it. Send me an email or call me at 416.930.3890 to discover how our expertise can work for you. 

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